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Picnic (after Manet and Leger) (thumbnail) Tommy's (after Vermeer) (thumbnail) Icons (after Ghirlandaio) (thumbnail) The Couch (after Leger) (thumbnail) Bantam Bread (after Manet) (thumbnail) Battle 2 (after Uccello) (thumbnail) Prince (after Velasquez) (thumbnail) King (after Holbein) (thumbnail) Queen (after Geerarts) (thumbnail) Mirror (after Picasso and Renoir) (thumbnail) Supermarket (after Hals) (thumbnail) Buena Vista (after Rubens) (thumbnail) Kent State, May 4, 1970 (after Goya and Picasso) (thumbnail) Ice Cream Truck (after David) (thumbnail) Morrison Hardware (after Velasquez) (thumbnail) Studio (after Velasquez, Leger, Matisse, and Gulino) (thumbnail) Red Boiler (after Matisse) (thumbnail) Tow Truck (thumbnail)
Picnic (after Manet and Leger) (large view)
Picnic (after Manet and Leger)
Acrylic painting (Sold)
48" H x 60" W