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Carousel (after Degas and Sbarbaro) (thumbnail) Coke Ad (after Florence Duomo & National Geographic) (thumbnail) Dancers (after Renoir and Miro) (thumbnail) Race Horse (after Hopper) (thumbnail) Young Man with Medal (after Botticelli) (thumbnail) Yankee Stadium (after Sargent) (thumbnail) Abduction (after Rubens) (thumbnail) Popcorn Lady (after Ingres) (thumbnail) Locomotive (after Boucher and Sheeler) (thumbnail) Fifer (after Manet and Van Gogh) (thumbnail) Trio (After Picasso) (thumbnail) Young Man at Airport (after Bronzino) (thumbnail) King (after Velasquez and Matisse) (thumbnail) Team (after Boucher) (thumbnail) Bulletin Board (after Ghirlandaio) (thumbnail) Sheet Music (after Kokoschka) (thumbnail) Ginger (after Leger) (thumbnail) The Kiss (after Chagall and Haring) (thumbnail) Kentuckt Derby (afer Picasso) (thumbnail) Logos (after Cassatt) (thumbnail) Mickey (after van Dongen and Warhol) (thumbnail) Jungle (after Picasso and Rousseau) (thumbnail) Flowers (after Van Gogh and Warhol) (thumbnail)
Young Man with Medal (after Botticelli) (large view)
Young Man with Medal (after Botticelli)
Acrylic painting (Sold)
32" H x 44" W