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Juke Box (after Modigliani) (thumbnail) Trio (After Picasso) (thumbnail) Red Boiler (after Matisse) (thumbnail) Tunnel (after Modigliani) (thumbnail) Antique Car (after Modigliani) (thumbnail) Price Chopper (after Modigliani) (thumbnail) Skees Diner (after Modigliani) (thumbnail) Neytiri (after Rousseau) (thumbnail) Quilt (after Modigliani) (thumbnail) Watson (after Magritte) (thumbnail) Subway (after Modigliani) (thumbnail) Chevy 2 (after Wood) (thumbnail) Las Vegas (after Modigliani) (thumbnail) Corvette (after Vermeer) (thumbnail) Jaguar (after Modigliani) (thumbnail) License Plates (after Modigliani) (thumbnail) Caddy (after Botticelli) (thumbnail) McDonald's (after Modigliani) (thumbnail) Ellis Island (after Modigliani) (thumbnail) Rolls (after Da Vinci) (thumbnail) Mustang (after Matisse) (thumbnail) MG (after Picasso) (thumbnail) Nissan with Louis (after Haring) (thumbnail) Ford (after Michelangelo) (thumbnail) Olds (after Leger) (thumbnail) Locomotive (after Boucher and Sheeler) (thumbnail) Supermarket (after Hals) (thumbnail) Lincoln (after Lautrec) (thumbnail) Rolls (after Da Vinci) (thumbnail) Ford (New Yorker) (thumbnail) Fifer (after Manet and Van Gogh) (thumbnail) Pink Cadillac (after Magritte) (thumbnail) Caddy 2 (after Botticelli) (thumbnail) Fenway Park (after Matisse) (thumbnail) Young Man at Airport (after Bronzino) (thumbnail) Quintet (after Velasquez and Lindner) (thumbnail) Abduction (after Rubens) (thumbnail) Buena Vista (after Rubens) (thumbnail) Popcorn Lady (after Ingres) (thumbnail) King (after Holbein) (thumbnail) Queen (after Geerarts) (thumbnail) Yankee Stadium (after Sargent) (thumbnail) Battle 2 (after Uccello) (thumbnail) Team (after Boucher) (thumbnail) Jag (after Modigliani) (thumbnail) Young Man with Medal (after Botticelli) (thumbnail) Race Horse (after Hopper) (thumbnail) Dancers (after Renoir and Miro) (thumbnail) Prince (after Velasquez) (thumbnail) Coke Ad (after Florence Duomo & National Geographic) (thumbnail) Carousel (after Degas and Sbarbaro) (thumbnail) The Couch (after Leger) (thumbnail) Bantam Bread (after Manet) (thumbnail) Mirror (after Picasso and Renoir) (thumbnail) Chevy 2 (after Wood) (thumbnail) Picnic (after Manet and Leger) (thumbnail) Tommy's (after Vermeer) (thumbnail) Radio City (after Modigliani) (thumbnail) Icons (after Ghirlandaio) (thumbnail) Fractal (after Van Gogh) (thumbnail) Girl Reading (after Fragonard) (thumbnail) Yowsa Yowsa (after Goya) (thumbnail) Motherboard (after Modigliani) (thumbnail) Remotes (after Picasso) (thumbnail) Studio (after Velasquez, Leger, Matisse, and Gulino) (thumbnail) Kent State, May 4, 1970 (after Goya and Picasso) (thumbnail) Ice Cream Truck (after David) (thumbnail) King (after Velasquez and Matisse) (thumbnail) Morrison Hardware (after Velasquez) (thumbnail) Algebra (after Manet) (thumbnail) Bulletin Board (after Ghirlandaio) (thumbnail) Sheet Music (after Kokoschka) (thumbnail) Jewel (after Gainsborough and Pop Cap Games) (thumbnail) Ginger (after Leger) (thumbnail) Maggie and Jiggs (after Van Gogh and McManus) (thumbnail) The Kiss (after Chagall and Haring) (thumbnail) Charlie (after Davis) (thumbnail) Snow White (after Picasso & Disney) (thumbnail) Seven Dwarfs (after Dali and Disney) (thumbnail) Katzenjammer Kids (after Warhol and Knerr) (thumbnail) I Want You (after Flagg) (thumbnail) Animal (after De Chirico and Henson) (thumbnail) Jeep (after Van Gogh) (thumbnail) Nefertiti (thumbnail) Cube (after Van Gogh) (thumbnail) Game (after Picasso) (thumbnail) Map (after Rembrandt) (thumbnail) Zigzag (after Van Gogh) (thumbnail) Barber Pole (after Sargent) (thumbnail) Warner (after Lautrec) (thumbnail) Logo (after Gauguin) (thumbnail) Fusilli (after Sargent) (thumbnail) Traffic Signs (after Warhol) (thumbnail) Teen (after Miro) (thumbnail) Plates (after Modigliani) (thumbnail) Alphabet (after Botticelli) (thumbnail) Tow Truck (thumbnail) Broadway (after Modigliani) (thumbnail) Kentuckt Derby (afer Picasso) (thumbnail) Logos (after Cassatt) (thumbnail) Gears (after Modigliani) (thumbnail) Mickey (after van Dongen and Warhol) (thumbnail) Jungle (after Picasso and Rousseau) (thumbnail) Flowers (after Van Gogh and Warhol) (thumbnail) Cornflakes (after Velasquez) (thumbnail) Dunkin Donuts (after Lautrec) (thumbnail) They're gr-r-reat! (after Modigliani) (thumbnail) Fugi (after Leger) (thumbnail) Wheaties (after Magritte) (thumbnail) Nefertiti (thumbnail) Life Savers (after Modigliani) (thumbnail) Spinning Beach Ball (thumbnail)
Radio City (after Modigliani) (large view)
Radio City (after Modigliani)
28" H x 36" W